Xcite Faculty Classroom Help and Quick Tips

Xcite Quick Tips and Help Sheet:

Wifi Trouble Shooting:

Place your iPad into airplane mode and let it sit for 10 seconds. (From your iPad swipe down from the top right corner or go into settings and locate airplane mode) Take airplane mode off of iPad and let it reconnect to the closest WAP (wireless access point).  Select DACC from the wifi list.

Alternatively, go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.  Switch it off, wait a second or 2 and switch it back on, it will refresh the wifi list of available access points, select DACC from the wifi list.


AppleTV not found: 

To project using AppleTV, press the “Video” button on the Pixie controller, wait a couple of seconds. The projector will switch to the AppleTV input. From your Apple device initiate airplay mirroring and select the classroom device for your room (e.g. DASH-111-AppleTV). The Airplay code will display on the projector screen; enter the code on your iPad, or Apple device to mirror your screen. Please refer to the classrooms instructions placed on the teacher desk for more details.

If you are dropping wifi in the middle of class please use a campus computer to set up a help ticket.  Visit http://dacc.nmsu.edu/computer-support/ticket/

 Or through the DACC homepage, shown in the photo on above.


If the need for computer support is urgent (no wifi, no appletv, etc) please use any campus phone (found in each classroom) and call: 7505

Let them know it is an urgent issue and interrupting class to help fix the problem is okay

Computer Support Techs are available on all campuses: