iPad Resources for Students!

Got an iPad?  Have an iPhone? Or a Mac?  Want to learn to use it more effectively?

Just got a new iPad?  Download the free Apple iPad Student Starter Guide

Your DACC iPad comes with 2 years of Apple Care!  What does that mean?  Apple Care is a warranty/insurance for your iPad.  As soon as you sign into your device with your Apple ID, your Apple Care activates.

Apple Care provides you with:

Live phone call support – this can include trouble shooting, or just training on how to set up, organize, learn about your iPad

Software Support – Want to know more about your iCloud account?  Want to know more about iOS native apps (Keynote, FaceTime, etc) Apple Care will help!

Hardware Support – battery issues? Apple Pencil issues? iPad acting funky? Apple Care can help!  Repairs and replacements can be scheduled through apple care.  Depending on the type of repair or diagnostic test the service can be free or have a charge.

Schedule an Apple Care appointment here: Apple Care Support


Check out these FREE workshops from Apple!

Campus Reps – Virtual Workshops

Sign up and attend from any Apple device anywhere that you have service!  Learn from your peers using apple devices in their course work from college campuses all around the US.

Workshops are all free and cover topics such as Productivity tips, IOS basics, iPad in the classroom and more.