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Xcite Vision Statement

The mission of the Xcite initiative is to:

Empower educators to transform teaching pedagogy and spark student XCITEment as learners and future leaders.

The goals of the Xcite program are to:

  • Enhance teaching pedagogies to increase student engagement and retention.
  • Support creative course design to advance learning outcomes through the use of technology.
  • Integrate mobile technology into the curriculum to prepare students for the needs of the 21st-century workforce.
  • Create or use mobile educational resources in order to offer quality and affordable education for students.
  • Apply mobile technology based on instructional theory, research, and proven practice.

Many DACC students have literally grown up with mobile technology.  Others, while not native, have embraced it.  Almost all students have cell phones, tablets, and social media accounts that connect them to each other and the outside world.  What if we — teachers, staff, and administrators at DACC — could help them learn in a new way that harnesses these technologies and allows them to develop critical thinking skills and express their creativity? The goal of the iPad initiative (XCITE) at DACC is to inform and provide training to both faculty and students about the possibilities of enhancing learning with these new tools. Do you want to join us?

Team Members

The Xcite Steering committee formed in 2015 is leading the effort at DACC to introduce the use of mobile technology into the 21st-century classroom. The XCITE team is dedicated to creating the best possible environment in which this can happen. This includes a focus on building out necessary infrastructure and providing professional development for interested faculty.

  • Ali Ahmad
  • Hillary Avita
  • Sarah Balizan
  • Amy Garcia
  • Doug Layer
  • George Ruiz
  • Ernesto Soto
  • Gus Pina
  • Tammy Chaffee
  • Susan Wood
  • Lori Allen
  • Oscar Quintela

Applications to Participate

If you are interested in participating, links below will  help you get started:

STUDENT iPAD Application!  Apply Here for a FREE iPad


DACC Faculty Application: iPads 1-to-1 Project
DACC Program Application: iPads 1-to-1 Project

Xcite iBook Cohort Application Form

Xcite End of Semester Assessment Form


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