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DACC Canvas Online Certification

This is an online based training for faculty and staff.
This is a self paced online course that is designed for users who are new to Canvas.
The goal is for faculty and staff to learn the in’s & out’s of Canvas.
After you complete the course you can then follow up with a VLIT staff member to answer any questions.

NOTE: If you need additional information or assistance contact Sonia A. White sshaffar@dacc.nmsu.edu

Faculty Canvas Training Registration Form

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Beginning spring semester 2019 DACC will review all online courses to ensure that each online course meets the definition of a distance education course as opposed to a correspondence course (see HLC Glossary for definitions https://www.hlcommission.org/General/glossary.html).

Click Here to View the Basic Online Course Checklist 2019.

If you have any questions Call 527-7737 East Mesa or 527-7738 Espina