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Automation & Manufacturing Technology

Main Office: (575) 527-7599
Electromechanical automation and manufacturing is an evolving, high-tech
field, with applications in such areas as aerospace, food processing, and
the pharmaceutical industry. It offers some of the highest salaries in the
industrial sector, along with ample opportunities for rapid advancement.
Automation and manufacturing technicians are responsible for production
operation, as well as equipment monitoring, adjustment, maintenance, and
repair in both routine and emergency situations.
Using modern industrial production equipment, DACC’s Automation and
Manufacturing Technology program provides training for desirable entrylevel
positions in electromechanical automated processes, as well as skills
upgrading for those already working in the field. The program encourages
the development of problem-solving skills, enabling students to adapt
quickly to rapidly changing conditions brought on by automation and new
technologies. The program is based on skills standards established for the
high-tech manufacturing industry by the American Electronics Association’s
Workforce Skills Project, among others.
Students learn systems interfacing and automation using digital control circuits,
programmable logic controllers (PLC), and computer-controlled interfaces.
Hands-on preventive and corrective maintenance procedures are
taught in modern laboratory facilities using the same state-of-the-art, automated
production equipment found in the manufacturing industry.

Automation and Manufacturing Technology

The curriculum includes first-year DC, AC, digital logic, and solid-state electronic-circuit analysis courses from the Electronics Technology program.
Graduates of the Automation and Manufacturing Technology program are prepared to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot automated systems which may include electromechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, ultrahigh-vacuum, and Power-RF plasma subsystems.
•  Automation and Manufacturing Technology (Associate of Applied Science)
•  Automation and Manufacturing Technology (Certificate of Completion) 
•  Basic Manufacturing and Bridge (Certificate of Completion)
         Basic Manufacturing and Bridge Program (18 credits)
         Technical Requirements 18 credits
         ELT 105 Basic Electricity and Electronics   3credits
         MAT 105 Introduction to Manufacturing    3credits
         MAT 106 Applied Manufacturing Practices  3credits
         MAT 108 Metrology, Safety and Quality Control for Manufacturing  3credits
         MAT 110 Machine Operation and Safety   3credits
         MAT 115 Print Reading for Industry         3credits

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