ACT / ACT Residual

ACT National

This test is a College Admission Test.  NMSU requires it to be admitted. (Exception: Age 40+).

Exam is administered at NMSU Guthrie Hall and Local High Schools.  There is a charge for switching dates and a late registration fee.

At this time, NMSU does not require ACT Assessment Plus Writing.

You may view your scores through your ACT Web Account.  Your multiple-choice scores are posted as soon as they are ready, normally within 3 weeks after the test date.  If you take the ACT Plus Writing, your Writing scores will be added as soon as they are available, usually 2 weeks after your multiple-choice scores.  ACT (No Writing) score reports are normally mailed within 3-8 weeks after the test date.  ACT Plus Writing score reports are mailed when all your scores, including Writing, are available, normally within 5-8 weeks after the test date.

Additional information for National Testing available at ACT Online.

Visit ACT Online Prep for Test Preparation Information.

ACT Residual 

This test is the same as the ACT National except that scores are only valid at NMSU.  Scores are sent to Admissions within a few days after the exam.  The only score report issued will be sent to NMSU Admissions Office.  ACT will not permit any personal Score Reports for the ACT Residual.

Exam is ONLY administered at DACC.  Registration for this exam has to be done in person at DACC Testing Services.

ACT Residual is offered before the Fall, Spring and Summer I semesters.

Next ACT-R test August 12, 2020.  Subject to change due to COVID-19