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Associate of Applied Science Degree (67 credits)

Environmental & Energy Technologies

Certificates of Completion (18–31 credits)

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Certificate of Completion Gainful Employment Disclosure
Basic Solar Certificate See it
Solar Energy Technology Certificate See it
Energy Conservation Certificate See it
Energy Evaluation Certificate See it
Alternative Fuels Certificate See it

The Environmental and Energy Technologies Program provides students with a strong foundation in Solar Technology, Energy Technology or Alternative Fuels, along with relevant theory and concepts necessary to become successful in these fields. Within each technology emphasis, certificates are designed to be “stackable” and transferable into the associate of applied science degree, thereby allowing students to tailor their studies to their own interests and career goals.

This program is designed to provide students with a well rounded curriculum which includes both lecture and hands on labs using relevant, up-to-date equipment. Some of the certificate programs and the associate degree program assist students in preparing for exams leading to nationally recognized credentials within those disciplines.

Remember to consult the DACC Catalog, available online, for more complete information before choosing a program. Certain restrictions, qualifications, and/or fees may apply.

For further information, call the program office at (575) 527-7677.