Carly K. Johnston, M.A. (she/her)

“When Someone Says You Can’t Do It, Do It Twice and Take Pictures” – Tami Xiang 

Originally from Colorado, I came to Southern New Mexico to attend graduate school, where I was awarded a W.I.A. Las Cruces Woman's Pioneer Endowed Scholarship Fund and the New Mexico Higher Education Department Scholarship. After nearly a decade of pursuing my education, I now hold three college degrees – an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters in Anthropology. It is my passion to advocate for diverse communities, whether in partnership with private companies, colleges, universities, museums, or non-profits – which I’ve been doing in one way or another for several years.  
I’m a part of Excelencia because my time attending community college was a crucial learning and exploratory period for me. Not only did it provide me with the support, opportunities, and flexibility that I needed, but it also allowed me to have a more personal experience, which set the bar for the remainder of my education. It was in community college when I figured out what I really wanted to do and how I could get there, and even though I faced obstacles and hardships that many students today are familiar with, I was able to receive scholarships to study abroad, try new things, and create life-long relationships and memories that I cherish today. I believe that experience is possible at all levels of education, for all students – including DACC.


Contact Information 

DAAR Rm. 101D
East Mesa Campus |2800 Sonoma Ranch | Las Cruces, NM
Call: 575-528-7446