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Automatically, all required course materials that you need for every single one of your classes (like textbooks, online learning labs, homework portals, etc...) will be provided to you!

This means you don't need to do any additional work to find and get your required course materials.

Books4Less | Thrive at DACC! (

All electronic items will be provided to you via Canvas for each class. The digital books are also available through your Brytewave/Redhself account. Details on that process can be seen here: Student and Faculty Quick Answers - Brytewave - YouTube

Electronic items will be available through Canvas when it is available for the fall term (August 10th).

You can also get a jump start by logging in to Redshelf on August 1st and see all your ebooks there on your bookshelf (watch the video above, and be sure to use your NMSU email to log in).


All physical items will be filled and made ready for pickup at the DACC Bookstore, located in the Academic Resources building at the DACC East Mesa Campus.

Physical items will be ready for pickup beginning August 10th

If you do not live in the greater Las Cruces area, please email to inquire about having your physical items shipped to you.

DACC has partnered with the DACC Bookstore to provide all of the materials you need to be successful in class for a flat rate.

All items are provided at a flat $24 per credit hour rate.

Your University Student Account will show a line item for Course Materials that represents your full course material cost for all classes this term.

This fee can be paid with financial aid sources, it is interest free, and can be paid off throughout the semester to the school as you are able.

You can calculate your total course material fee by multiplying your enrolled credit hours (for example, 12 Credit hours) by $24. A student taking 12 credit hours in the fall would pay only $288 for all of their books for all of their classes!

Now, you can budget and plan your text books expenditures 

This fee was determined by examining the total average cost of materials per credit hour spent by DACC students at the DACC Bookstore in the Spring of 2022 and the Fall of 2021. In those two semesters, students paid, on average, $33 per credit hour for course materials through the DACC Bookstore.

This new program saves an average student almost 33% from last semester.

This program puts you, the student in the driver's seat, if you determine this program does not work for you, you can opt-out.

The ability to opt-out of the program will be available to you beginning on August 10, 2022. You will receive an email with an opt-out link and will be able to remove yourself from the program.

Note, if you choose to opt-out, you are opting out of the entire program for the entire semester. You cannot opt-out of individual courses.

Be aware, if you do so, you must shop, purchase, an procure all your required material yourself. 

You will be responsible for ensuring you get the right ISBN, edition, and author for every item.

Remember to include the cost of tax, shipping, and handling in any items you purchase elsewhere.

you will also need to take in to account any delays caused by shipping time for items purchased through a third-party.

Books 4 Less is a new program at DACC, it is designed to fundamentally change the experience of getting the course materials you need for class.

Now you can get your Books 4 Less: i. Hassle: all items will be available physically or electronically up to 7 days before classes begin, hassle free! ii. Headache: 1. Always know the cost of your material ($24 per credit hour) 2. No need to find the correct ISBN, Author, or Edition, we find it for you! 3. Your material fee is charged to your University account; all financial aid can be used to pay it off, and it is interest free all semester. iii. Cost: DACC students who purchased their material through the DACC bookstore last semester spent, on average, $36 per credit hour. Students will save more than 33% on the cost of materials through the DACC Bookstore.

Instead of shopping for each individual book, learning lab, manual, workbook, and online learning environment access code; those items are provided to you by the DACC bookstore at a flat rate.

Think of this program like a course materials concierge. You register for class, and the bookstore takes care of the rest. The bookstore ensures you get the correct materials for all of your classes to you before classes begin. No additional course material purchases are necessary.

All required course materials submitted by DACC instructors to the DACC bookstore are provided atone flat rate.

The program places a priority on digital materials and as such, most materials will be provided electronically through Canvas, and through our partner: BryteWave/Redshelf.

If additional (optional?) physical materials need to be provided at the request of faculty, or the need of the student, those can be acquired for the student. Please ask the DACC bookstore staff for further detail as need arises.

At least 7 days before classes begin, your course materials will be available to you: i. All digital materials will be accessible through Canvas, and/or through your BryteWave/Redshelf account. ii. All physical materials will be available for pickup from the DACC Bookstore, located in the Academic Resources building at the DACC East Mesa Campus.

If you require physical items to be shipped to you, please contact DACC bookstore staff.

If you have never logged in to BryteWave or RedShelf, you will need to reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link and entering your NMSU email.

This video walks you through the process in detail:


Did you know that Redshelf has an iPad App and is available on the Google Play store. Search for RedShelf on your app store; or, download here:


Still having trouble getting your course material? Contact the bookstore for further assistance.

Additional Info

What if I need help, or have other questions?

Please email: and we will get back to you within 48 hours to assist.


What if this program does not make sense for me this semester?

  1. This program puts students in control of their course material charges.
  2. If you evaluate all the items for all of your classes and determine that you wish to Opt-Out of this program, you may do so by logging in to this portal with your NMSU email:
  3. If you opt-out, you must find and purchase all items needed in all your classes yourself, you may be subject to sales tax, shipping and handling, delays in order processing and fulfillment, as well additional stressors.
  4. Students may opt-out for Spring semester until 02/04/2023.