Let me start with a hearty congratulations!
DACC Commencement Program Cover Page Image

You accomplished what just a few years ago many of you thought was impossible. But through your dedication and perseverance, you’ve done it. Because of your efforts, you have earned a certificate or a degree, and those college credentials mark your success. And we know that for some of you, those who are the first in your family to graduate from college, this is a special accomplishment.

Because no one accomplishes this alone, I also want to congratulate the spouses, partners, children, families, extended families, and friends who celebrate this accomplishment with you. They know as well as anyone the great sacrifices you have made to be at this moment in your lives.

You are now an NMSU-Doña Ana Community College graduate. You are part of our family. Faculty and staff at DACC celebrate your accomplishment. We are so proud of you. As you embark on the next chapter of your life, we want you to stay in touch. Let us know how you are doing. Please use us as your coaches, your mentors, and your biggest supporters.

Dr. Monica Torres, DACC PresidentCongratulations!

Dr. Mónica Torres
DACC President