Latinos for Education & Achievement


The purpose for “Latin@s for Education and Achievement Leadership Organization” is to provide Latin@s with leadership skills, experiences and opportunities to apply the skills and prepare them to become active leaders at Dona Ana Community College (DACC) and their community. Leadership skills acquired are applied promoting Latin@s interest in higher education and encouraging K 9-12 students to prepare for entry to DACC and College life by:

  1. Generating interest among high school students to consider college for achieving Exito!
  2. Promoting and assist high school students to prepare for entry to the DACC.
  3. Serve as mentors to entering DACC freshman Exito! students and assist them to adjust to college life leading to retention and graduation.
  4. Collaborate with other ENLACE Exito! services, encourage active participation by parents, and collaborate with ENLACE parents in order to enhance the probability of student Exito.
  5. Engage in active policy development at the state and local level supporting high school graduation, transition, retention and graduation of Hispanic students.

Christopher Adams
Phone: (575) 528-7394