Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum GPA to be accepted to the program? – The minimum cumulative GPA is 3.0, and the minimum science GPA (includes A&P I and II, Medical Terminology and Chemistry) is 2.7.
  • When is the application deadline? – Applications must be submitted by May 1st to be considered for admission during the following fall semester.
  • How often are students admitted to the program? – The program starts a new class each fall.
  • How many students are accepted to the program? – Per the program’s accreditation, up to 22 students may be admitted to each cohort.
  • How many semesters are in the program? – The program consists of four long semesters (fall and spring) and one full summer semester. The summer immediately following graduation is optional for students who have not yet completed their boards.
  • What is the job placement rate of the program? – The Respiratory Therapy program has had 100% job placement since 1994.