Dropping a Course

The process for dropping a course is similar to the process for adding a course. The student must consult with the academic advisor and prepare an add/drop form, obtaining all required signatures. When a student officially drops a course, the W grade is assigned as follows:

  1. No grade is assigned during the registration period.
  2. A W grade is assigned to any student who officially drops a course between the end of registration and the midpoint of the semester. A student may not withdraw from courses after this deadline, unless the student officially withdraws from DACC/NMSU.
  3. Officially withdrawing completely from DACC/NMSU is equivalent to dropping all classes, and therefore a grade of W will be recorded for all classes attempted. The deadline for withdrawing completely is listed in the current Schedule of Classes.

NOTE: A student found to be insufficiently prepared for a particular course may be transferred to a more elementary course in the same field anytime before the last day to officially withdraw from an individual course. Anyone attending under the Veterans Educational Assistance Program should notify the Veterans Office in DASR 117 at the East Mesa Campus when dropping or adding courses, as such changes could cause a reduction in the benefits received.