Adding/Dropping Classes Via

  1. Access website.
  2. Click on Student
  3. Click on
  4. Select Registering term (Spring, Summer, Fall 20##) and click
  5. Click on Return to Menu.
  6. Click on Registration Status. The registration status page that appears next will allow you to if you have any holds on your account or other registration restrictions that might affect your eligibility to register. If you do have holds, an X will appear in the box next to the registration problem. You will need to take care of your hold issue before you will be eligible to register online. Hold codes are as follows. After you verify your registration status, click on Return to Menu.
  7. Click on Look up Classes if you are needing to search for classes. After you have found the class you want, put a check in the box and click Submit. Repeat this step for adding other courses.
  8. If you have  the classes and CRN numbers, click on or Add or Drop classes, add CRN#’s, Click Submit
  9. After you are done registering for classes you can view your schedule by clicking on Return to Menu and then selecting Week at a Glance or Student Detail Schedule.
  10. To receive your official schedule via email, Click on Return to Menu, Click Request Registration Document via Email, select Term, click on (Email me the registration document) tab.