Required Prerequisites

c-spineApplication packets are due April 1st each year with classes starting the following fall. In order to be considered for the Fall class, the general education (core requirements) and other required prerequisites must be completed by the end of the Spring Semester prior to the Fall start date. NO EXCEPTIONS.

General Education (Core Requirements)

  • ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition, 4 credits
  • MATH 121G College Algebra, 3 credits
  • PSY 201G o SOC 101G Introduction to Psychology or Introductory Sociology, 3 credits

Other Required Prerequisites

  • CHEM 110G Principles and Applications of Chemistry, 4 credits
  • BIOL 225 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, 4 credits
  • General Education Elective, Any 3-4 credit course with a “G.” Recommended COMM 265G, or COMM 253G (Bonus points apply)

Total: 21-22 required credits

Note: Additional points for the selection process are given for BIOL 226, BIOL 227, PHYS 211G, PHYS 210 (preferred), COMM 253G or COMM 265G, and AHS 120 or HIT 150 with a “C” or better. 

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Updated 6/18/19