Radiologic Technology Admission Process

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(The Program starts once a year in the Fall Semester)

The student is responsible for all deadlines required by the Radiologic Technology Program for  admission.  This includes all orientation dates, times and information concerning the application process.  The applicant is also responsible for reporting any changes in name, mailing addresses or telephone numbers. The following is required for all applicants:

Evaluation of Transcripts/Grades – If a student scores less than 60% on the TEAS test, their GPA must be at least a 3.25 in order to be eligible to apply for the program.   If a student scores a 60% or greater on the TEAS test, their GPA must be at least a  3.0  in order to be eligible to apply for the program.

Students NOT currently enrolled at DACC or NMSU start at # 1.  Enrolled students start at # 4.

1. Complete Application for Admission to DACC Form ( and submit with admission fee ($20). At this time DO NOT state your major as Radiologic Technology. State your major as PRAT (pre-radiologic technology).

2.  Arrange for official high school and college transcripts to be submitted directly to the Admissions Office at DACC.  Transcript request forms may be obtained at the Admissions Office, DASR 107. Students possessing a high school equivalency should request to have an official transcript of their GED (General Education Development) test scores mailed to the DACC Admissions Office.

3.  Contact the DACC admissions office (575) 527-7569 for test information and scheduling. You may have to provide them Compass or ACT scores to determine Math and English skills.

4.  Begin taking general education and related requirement classes.  (See list below)

NOTE: In order to be considered for the Fall class, the general education & related requirement prerequisites (see below) must be completed by the end of the Spring semester prior to the Fall  semester start date.  No Exceptions.

Follow steps in order:

5.   Attend a Radiologic Technology Orientation lecture.  Call (575) 527-7630 or 527-7581 for  scheduling. Orientations are scheduled once a month between October and March. Open this link for Orientation Dates.

6.   *Submit a packet (folder) to Annja Cox, Program Director, with the following documentation/information:

a)  a letter requesting admission to the program. Discuss why you are interested in this profession.

b)  a resume outlining your education and work experience

c)  a completed Program Health Form (to be handed out at orientation)

d)  a current (updated) copy of your college transcript(s) (this includes ALL colleges previously attended) Most of these can be obtained in the DACC admissions office.

e)  a new Application for Admission to DACC form with Radiologic Technology designated as your major. (Do not turn this in to Admissions and do not submit a fee, just put it in your application packet)

f)  take the TEAS test  (formally the HOBET test) through the testing center (pay $55 fee at the cashiers office and take testing form to the testing center on your scheduled date). Contact the DACC Testing Center at 527-7569 for more information.

Submit all documents to:

Annja Cox, Radiologic Technology Program Director
MSC 3DA P.O. Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001

Note: Keep copies of all documents sent to Radiology Program for your records.

Required Prerequisites:

Link to Prerequisites Page

Current Degree Plans

Updated 6-13-17

Annja Cox, Program Director
3400 South Espina St.
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Phone: 575-527-7581
Fax: 575-527-7765