Physical Requirements

betty-megan-sandy-smallAll Applicants must be able to:

  • Vision: distinguish clear liquid levels in a container and be able to read numbers on a small dial
  • Hear through a stethoscope or augmented listening device
  • Demonstrate good oral expression (speech clarity) and written comprehension
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Manipulate equipment required in the performance of radiology tasks
  • Stand and walk for 4 hours at a time while actively engaged in radiographic procedures
  • Push and move stretchers and wheelchairs with patients from patient areas to procedure room
  • Push heavy mobile radiographic equipment throughout a hospital
  • Push and pull patients to and from a radiographic table while utilizing good body mechanics
  • Lift/carry and attach extra radiographic table components for specific procedures
  • Reach up to 6′ with the use of a step stool if needed to manipulate equipment
  • Prepare items for sterile trays and intravenous injections

Updated 2-28-17
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