DACC Digital Signage

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Digital signage is a dynamic and engaging way to communicate specific information to students and the campus community through flat screen HD monitors. DACC currently has monitors at the East Mesa campus, the Espina Campus, Gadsden and Sunland Park Centers.

Unlike static signage, digital signs can be easily updated to feature new text content via templates or uploading media files. Digital signs can even display alert messages during emergencies to keep the public informed about developing events.

The digital signs broadcast events, activities, and vital information to DACC/NMSU students. It is a free service for all charted DACC/NMSU student organizations. If your group is interested in posting information to the digital signs, please click here.


You must be a:

  • DACC/NMSU organization, or
  • DACC/NMSU department

We ask for two week’s notice to ensure your ad will be posted. Your ad will be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks unless the information on the signage indicates an end date; otherwise, you must create a separate submission. We understand not everyone is a designer, so feel free to send us the information you need to be posted, or even a flyer you have already created, and we will make your ad look great. If you or someone in your organization has design knowledge, we always appreciate receiving ads that are ready to be posted, as they go up much faster. If using Microsoft Publisher, your file will not upload if saved with a Publisher extension. You must convert the file by saving as a JPG or PNG (choose JPG or PNG option in the drop-down menu when saving your file to your designated folder).

Your ad must have the following properties:

a. 1080 pixels tall (3.6 inches)

b. 1920 pixels wide (6.4 inches)

c. JPG or PNG format


You may advertise meetings, activities, and events as long as it is open to the entire student body, faculty and/or staff.

General Guidelines for Content

  • All content posted must be affiliated with an on-campus activity or department-sponsored event.
  • The announcement must be relevant to DACC/NMSU students, faculty, and/or staff.
  • If it is an off-campus activity, it must be specifically for DACC/NMSU students, faculty and/or staff.
  • Off-campus vendor products and promotions may not be advertised.
  • Barnes & Noble is the official textbook supplier and is the only one we can advertise for on the digital signs.
  • If the announcement is perceived to be controversial in nature or promotes religion, politics, or an activity that would result in personal gain, it will not be accepted.

All content must adhere to NMSU’s Policy Manual.