Library Media Center Department

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First Last Post Phone Office
Jose Aranda Librarian, Lg528-7261DAAR 203H
Jessica Batrez Administrative Assistant, General528-7069DAAR 203O Cube 5
Susan Bontly Librarian527-7556DALR 260A
Kathleen DeBoy Library Specialist Sr.528-7202DALR 260I
Terese DeSimio CC Librarian528-7355DAAR 203J
Vita Montano Library Specialist, Sr. 528-7262DAAR 203O Cube 1
Nathaniel Munoz PC Support528-7334DAAR 203I
Rebecca Ponce Library Assistant528-7246DALR 260C
Tammy Powers Director, Library Services527-7675DAAR 203K
Rodner Santos PC Support527-7720DALR 260D

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