Facilities Support Department

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First Last Post Phone Office
Michael Angel Locksmith527-7655DATS 90
Ryan Armendariz Security Officer,Sr527-7777
Araceli Artalejo Security GuardDATS 153
Armida Barba Custodial Worker, Sr528-7271DAEM 200
Michelle Bustillos Custodial Worker, SrDAEM 200
Gabriel Cabrera Security Guard527-7777DASR 110
Nicholas Cabrera Security Guard527-7777DASR 110
Magdalena Campos Custodial Worker, Sr528-7271DAEM 200
Leticia Carrera Custodial Worker, SrDAWD
Edward Chavez Security Officer, SrDATS 153
Guadalupe Cisneros Custodial Worker, Sr882-6816DAGC 102J
Mario Correa Security Guard527-7777DASH 118
Gloria Diaz de Campos Custodial Worker, Sr.DAEM 200
Maria Duran Custodial Worker, Sr.528-7271DAEM 200
Susana Espino Security GuardDATS 153
Mariela Estrada Custodial Worker, Sr.527-7702DATS 153
Arturo Ferrales HVAC Mechanic528-7270DAEM 200B
Jorge Garcia Security Officer, SrDASP 104F
Jose Gomez Custodial Worker, Sr528-7271DAEM 200
Carlos Guillen Facilities Technician527-7702DATS 153
Timothy Hedgecock Custodial Worker, Sr528-7271DAEM 200
Javier Hernandez Custodial Worker, Sr.874-7785DASP 104E
Maria Teresa Hernandez Security Guard527-7777DASP 104F
Cynthia Herrera Custodial Worker, Sr.527-7702DATS 153
Arturo Lara Facilities Technician528-7271DAEM 200
Leticia Lara Custodial Worker, SrDATS 153
Genaro Legarreta Custodial Worker, SrDATS 153
Martha Leyva Custodial Worker, Sr.528-7271DAEM 200
Gilbert Limon Custodial Worker Sr527-7702DATS 153
Gerardo Lira Custodial Worker, Sr. 527-7702DATS 153
Araceli Lopez Custodial Worker, SrDAEM 200
Rosa Lopez Custodial Worker, Sr. 882-6800DAGC 102J
Michael Luchau Manager, Facilities Services527-7718DATS 153B
Albertina Lujan Administrative Assistant, Associate528-7050DATS 153
Juanita Martinez Custodial Worker, Sr. 874-7785DASP 104E
Nelson McGuire Security Officer528-7029DATS 153E
Alejandro Mejias Custodial Worker, Lead528-7271DATS 153
Aureliano Monsivaiz Custodial Worker, Sr. 527-7702DATS 153
James Munguia Custodial Worker, Sr528-7271DAEM 200
Delbert Ortiz Supervisor, Custodial527-7554DATS 157D
Gilbert Perez Security Officer, Intermediate527-7777DACH 110
Rosalina Quezada Custodial Worker, Sr. 528-7271DAEM 200
Anthony Reyer HVAC Mechanic527-7656DATS 157B
Raymond Rodriguez HVAC MechanicDASP 104E
Facilities Support Facilities Manager527-7604DATS 153
HVAC Tech HVAC Mechanic527-7656DATS 157B
Magdalena Torres Custodial Worker, Sr. 528-7271DAEM 200
Matthew Torres Facilities TechnicianDATS 153
Lorenzo Venegas Assistant Manager, Facilities Services528-7210DATS 157A
Jose Zubiran Custodial WorkerDATS 153

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