Computer Support Department

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First Last Post Phone Office
Joseph Acosta Supv, Computer Lab882-6802DAGC 112
Lori Allen Director, Computer Support527-7727DASH 110C
Charles Aragon PC Support528-7219DASH 111E
Kathy Bell Lab Coord527-7657DASH 85D
Steven Casas PC Support527-7609DAAR 200B
Jonathan Crawford PC Support527-7771DASH 111F
Aris Favela PC Support528-7223DASH 111D
Mariano Herrera Supv, Computer Lab874-7783DASP 113A
Gene Honeycutt PC Support527-7507DAAR 200C
Walter Lee CC Lab Tech, Instruction528-7028DASH 85C
Gerald Lisik Systems Developer527-7545DASH 110D
Jack Miller Network Developer528-7200DASH 110E
Loretta Nash Telecomm Tech Suprt Spec, Assc527-7705DASH 111D
Enrique Perez PC Support528-7266DAEM 217B
Yasmine Provencio Administrative Assistant, Associate527-7505DASH 111
Oscar Quintela Sys Analyst, Sr527-7722DASH 110F
Irene Rodriguez Administrative Assistant, Associate527-7505DASH 110
Tracy Wilborn PC Support527-7572DAWD104A

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