Commercial Technologies Department

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First Last Post Phone Office
Celina Apodaca CC Lab Tech, Instruction528-7232DASH 122B
Robert Brokate Instructor527-7736DASH 121E
Jose Gomez Instructor528-7018DATS 150B
Edward Lopez Instructor527-7596DATS 142A
Mark Lowther Instructor528-7332DATS 145A
Vincent Martinez Lab Technician, Instruction527-7597DATS 150C
Wade Matthews College Instructor527-7589DATS 145B
Terry Mount Department Chair527-7584DATS 155A
Eric Navarrete Instructor528-7229DASH 121C
John Pineda Lab Technician, Instruction527-7594DATS 156C
Doug Roby College Assistant Professor527-7585DASH 121D
George Ruiz Instructor527-7598DATS 156B
Jose Torres Lab Technician, Instruction527-7761DATS 142C
David Twitty Professor527-7593DATS 150A

Found 14 records in this department.