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Success in the business world requires a specialized set of skills, in addition to knowledge that builds upon a solid foundation of academic courses.

The Pre-Business Program at DACC is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of business education.

The Business and Marketing Department facilitates and guides each student’s development of academic knowledge and practical skills to prepare him or her for success in the world’s business arena.


The Pre-Business Program, which makes up the first two years of New Mexico State University’s Baccalaureate Degree program, gives students broad exposure to the world of business, as well as skills in a range of subjects.

Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for the rigors of upper division coursework.



All classes at DACC are taught in a small-classroom format that ensures personalized instruction by experienced instructors.

Business and marketing faculty members are selected for their wide range of business experience and expertise, as well as their teaching skills. Instructors who are familiar with the world of business are better able to share insights and “real world” knowledge, better preparing students for their future positions.

The Pre-Business Program leads to an Associate of Pre-Business Degree and acts as the first two years of any four-year business degree offered at NMSU.

Admission to a specific major in the College of Business Administration is required for enrollment in upper-division coursework.

This program meets the content and standards of the NMSU requirements for the first two years of the bachelor’s degree program.

The program is administered by the NMSU College of Business.



Opportunities for employment in the world of business will continue to grow worldwide in a variety of settings.

Students who want to advance rapidly need to develop professional skills in customer service, marketing, and supervision.

With an associate degree in Pre-Business, a person can move into a job right away, or continue to pursue higher education.

A career in the world of business provides a multitude of exciting choices and specializations.



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