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Associate of Applied Science Degree • Certificates

In this Information Age, the role of libraries in providing for the knowledge needs of all sectors of the population is expanding. The changing needs of information management in our society have sparked an increasing demand for the work of library and information specialists who can organize, manage, and retrieve information from the vast storehouses that exist. While libraries retain their traditional study tables and shelves full of books, increasingly they are being transformed to accommodate the rapidly evolving information technology. Electronic catalogs, online databases, CD-ROM and DVD products, the Internet and Web 2.0 tools provide almost unlimited access to the information people need for lifelong learning, and for both professional and recreational activities.

Employment opportunities in libraries remain steady. Acquiring, organizing and preserving, and providing access to the vast wealth of materials that exist in increasingly automated environments are ongoing challenges. Those who have strong skills in these areas will find themselves in great demand in the job market.

Library Science program graduates are prepared to work in numerous positions and settings, including those found in public libraries and school or academic libraries. They may also choose from the wide spectrum of special library positions found in corporate, institutional, and government settings.

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Additional information on career opportunities and salaries
may be obtained from the Occupational Outlook Handbook,
available online at http://www.bls.gov/oco.

Program Options

Besides the associate of applied science degree, the program offers four certificate options in library science skills. Courses required for the certificates may be applied to the associate of applied science degree. In addition, courses offered through this program may be applied to fulfill state requirements for a School Library Media Specialist Endorsement, for those with a teaching certificate.

The Library Science Curriculum

Courses are taught online, and several assignments allow students to work on practical and useful projects. As often as possible, we incorporate on-site experiences so the student can visit and use their local libraries and interact with library staff. A hands-on, experiential work experience required for the associate of applied science degree will provide valuable practical training, as well as exposure to library operations, in an environment chosen in consultation with the student's advisor. An active advisory board of librarians assures that the curriculum reflects the needs of library employers.

NOTE: All of the certificate options and the associate degree may be completed entirely online. All courses with the "L SC" prefix are available only through online education.

For more information, contact the program at (575) 528-7338.  Office location:  East Mesa Campus, DAAR 100