About LRN

The Learning Resource Network (LRN) began as a series of conversations between the Faculty Affairs and Teaching and Learning Committees in the Spring of 2017. The focus of this discussion was about the need to centralize and better promote the existing professional development opportunities being offered on the DACC campuses. As a result, Corey Purcell (Chair, Faculty Affairs) and Douglas Layer (Chair, Teaching and Learning) launched the Learning Resource Network. This effort could not have been possible without the assistance of other individuals including:

  • Tammy Powers (Director, Library Services DACC)
  • Jennifer Gabel (Training Specialist, Center for Learning & Prof Dev – NMSU)
  • Adam Cavotta (Training Specialist, Exec VP & Provost – NMSU)
  • Dr. Monica Torres (VP, Academic Affairs DACC)
  • Omar Carrillo (Web Developer DACC)
  • Eddie Binder (VP, External Relations DACC)

As educators, we recognize the importance of professional development as an ongoing pathway toward teaching excellence. The LRN is committed to maximizing and enhancing professional development opportunities at our campuses by creating a network where faculty and staff can:

  1. Identify learning opportunities that are available.
  2. Select relevant workshops/content that can improve teaching and related skills.
  3. Document professional development accomplishments.
  4. Create new professional development opportunities where gaps may exist.

  • Picture of students working in a classroom.