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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DACC Library open?

Yes, the physical libraries at DACC are open with limited hours due to the pandemic. See Hours & Locations for details.
Librarians are available for consultation on research projects or for any questions on our digital resources. Contact us via chat, email, or phone!

Where can I return items I have checked out?

You can return items at any DACC or NMSU Library. For your convenience we have curbside return boxes located outside the library. You may find a curbside return box in Lot #70 between the Classroom and Health Building at the Espina campus. At the East Mesa Campus, curbside return boxes are in front of Academic Resource building and by the doors of the Main building.

I am not currently in the Las Cruces area, how do I return items I have checked out?

If you are not able to return library items to the Espina or East Mesa curbside return boxes, please contact us at

How can I access computers and printers if the library is closed due to the pandemic?

The library is now open with limited hours. See Hours & Locations for more information. Computer Labs are also open for students' computing and printing needs. For more information, please visit the Computer Lab's website.

What are your normal hours of operation and where are your locations?

What are your policies?

How do I get a Library Card?

Your student ID serves as your library card. If you do not attend classes at either DACC or NMSU, we can enter your information in our system and you may use your driver’s license or another form of ID for future checkouts.

How long can I check out an item?

Books may be checked out for 3 weeks. Audiovisual materials circulate for one week. To renew library material(s), please call 1-575-528-7260 (East Mesa), 1-575-527-7555 (Espina), email, or renew them at the circulation desk. You can also renew items online when you log into the online catalog.

Is there a limit to how many items I can check out?

Yes. Undergraduates may check out up to 25 books at a time (5 per subject). Guest patrons, or non-student patrons, may check out up to 3 items at a time (Books & AV). Audiovisual materials are limited to 3 items at a time. For more information see the Circulation Policy section in the Library Policies page.

Can magazines or journals be checked out?

Yes! Issues of magazines or journals that aren't the most recent copies can be checked out, limit 2 per patron.

Do you have any fiction books?

Yes! The DACC Libraries maintain a collection of fiction books in different genres – romance, horror, children, mystery and many more. This library database also has fiction books: Literary Reference Center Plus. Didn’t find what you want? Then suggest a purchase by using our Request Library Item form.

I need an item that the DACC Libraries don’t have. How can I obtain it?

During our closure due to the pandemic, interlibrary and physical item requests are suspended. Instead, please visit our online databases, ebooks, and streaming videos. If you do not see the material you are interested in, please fill out our Request Library Item form. We’ll try to find an item that will fill your information need.

Do you have copiers?

The East Mesa and Espina libraries have copy machines available for public use. Copies are 5¢ each for single-sided copies and 10¢ each for two-sided copies.

Do you have printers?

All DACC Library locations have printers. Items can be printed at no charge, but there is a 25 page limit per day. Large documents should be printed two-sided. More printing is available in computer labs at each campus.

Do you have scanners?

Scanners are available at Espina and East Mesa and there is no charge to use. For Gadsen & Sunland students can go to a computer lab for scanning.

Do you have fax machines?

We do not currently have faxing for students at any of the locations - we encourage scanning then emailing documents. Faxing for a fee can be done at the Kinko's across the street from the Zuhl Library at NMSU. Also, some free faxing websites exist.

Do you have access to the Internet?

The DACC libraries provide access to the Internet on our computers. You are welcome to do school and/or personal research, or check your e-mail. Student login is required on some computers but we also have guest computers for 1 hour use.

How do I connect my own device to the campus wireless network?

To connect to the campus wireless, you must first register your device. Library staff will be happy to help.

Do you have any computers for word processing?

The DACC libraries have computers that can be used to access Microsoft Office (Word). Student login is required on some computers but guest computers for 1 hour use are also available.

Can I check my grades or register for classes at the DACC Libraries?

To check your grades or register, you must have a valid NMSU username and password. From one of the Library’s computers, go to From this address, you may check grades, register for classes and more!

Can I bring my food or drink into the DACC Libraries?

Yes, we allow food and/or drink in our libraries.

Where can I get help with Canvas?

Where can I get help with Zoom?

See the Academic Technology department's Student Instructions for Using Zoom in Canvas.

Where can I get help with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

See the Academic Technology department's Respondus Lockdown Browser FAQs.

Can you help me to cite my sources?

We have a guide to help you: Citing Your Sources. If you need more help, please Ask us! or visit the Academic Readiness Center.

Who can use the libraries' online resources off campus?

Current DACC students, faculty, and staff can use the libraries' online resources remotely. However, all residents of New Mexico have access to El Portal, a collection of online resources provided by the New Mexico State Library.

I'm a current DACC student, faculty, or staff and I'm having trouble authenticating and accessing the library resources. What can I do?

Do you have textbooks?

Professors and departments have placed many required textbooks and additional resources on reserve at the library. Ask at the front desk for reserve items. Reserve items, with a few exceptions, may only be used in the library and most have a two hour checkout period. If there is a book or other item for a class you are taking that you would like to see placed on reserve at the library, please talk to your professor.

How do I find the best library resources to use for my specific program/topic?

You can choose your subject area in our A-Z list of databases to see the best databases to search. And DACC librarians have made Research Guides on many topics to direct you to the best library resources for those topics.

How can I see my library account?

You can see your library account when you sign in from any online catalog page. Sign in with your DACC/NMSU username and password. Once you've signed in, you have the ability to renew your checked out items if there is not a waiting list for them. You can also log into your library account directly from here: Library Account.

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