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Have you checked out all the PrepSTEP has to offer? PrepSTEP is packed with online tutorials, test practice, e-books and articles to help students achieve academic success and workplace readiness. It has skill building in English, math and science, career licensing test prep, workplace skill building, basic computer skills tutorials, college success skills development and much more.

Getting Started

The first time you visit EBSCO LearningExpress PrepSTEP, you will want to register so that you can save your progress.

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Once you click on the Sign In/Register link, you will be taken to a login screen. Click the “Register Button” to go to the registration screen. After you have registered once, you can simply login each time you visit in the future.

Make sure that “Your Institution is” is set to Doña Ana Community College.


The email address you provide will be used as your login name in the future. 


The First Name, Last Name, Email, Confirm Email, Password, and Re-enter Password fields are all required. You only need to fill in the Student ID# and Course Section# if your instructor tells you do.


When you’ve completed all required fields, click the “Register” button to finish your registration.

PrepSTEP includes:

College Success Skills – Build the skills that are vital for success in college and in life. This center covers topics such as time management, multitasking, classroom success skills, research skills, getting academic support, and personal success skills.

Core Math and Science Skills – Need a little help in math or science? If you need help in your developmental math, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and calculus, then this center’s the place to start. It also includes biology and chemistry practice, e-books and more. Get started here.

Core English Skills – Strengthen your reading, writing and grammar skills, build your vocabulary and improve your spelling skills using the interactive tutorials, practice tests, e-books and articles in this center to improve your core English knowledge.

Career Preparation – Are you preparing for a professional licensing exam? Are you curious about a particular occupation or looking to build your workplace skills? The resources in the Career Preparation center will help you shine in the workplace.

EBSCO LearningExpress: Job & Career AcceleratorJob & Career Accelerator – Whether you’re looking to find a new job in your current field or pursue a career in an exciting new industry, LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator™ has the powerful tools and expert guidance to help you through every step of the process.

Computer Skills Center – Video courses are the fastest and easiest way to learn how to use a computer. Use the materials in this center to learn the basics of computers, from searching the Internet to using popular programs for word processing, creating spreadsheets and databases, implementing design, and more. Skill level goes beyond basic to advanced.

Placement Test Preparation – Taking the time to prepare for college placement tests is the smart way to improve your scores and reduce the likelihood of being assigned to developmental courses.

ACT and SAT Test Preparation – Students advancing to four-year degrees will be well-prepared for the college admissions tests using the resources in this center, which include practice tests that simulate the official exams, tutorials, eBooks, and flashcards.

High School Equivalency Center – Earning a high school equivalency credential can open the door to better income, a more fulfilling job, and a college education. If you are preparing for the GED® test or HiSET® or TASC exams, our practice tests, interactive tutorials, and eBooks will help you reach your goal.

Recursos Para Hispanohablantes – Resources for Spanish Speakers (English Translation)
This center provides students with resources in Spanish to improve their basic skills, earn a GED® credential, or become a U.S. citizen.















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