Connecting to Campus Wifi

New to campus? Or do you have a new device that you want to connect to the campus wifi? Follow these few steps and you’ll be connected in no time.

First things first – you must be registered as student, faculty, or staff at DACC or NMSU. You will need your myNMSU login information to register your device. If you have not set up your login yet, go to NMSU: Create my Account and create your myNMSU account.

Once you have your myNMSU account set up, follow these steps on the device you want to register:

  1. Open Wifi Settings.
  2. Find DACC, Aggie Air, or Aggie Air-WPA2 in the list of available networks.
  3. Select the network you wish to connect to from the list. On most devices, this will cause your default browser to navigate to If that does not happen, then you may use your favorite browser to open
  4. Read the New Mexico State University Network Terms of Use, then click next to “I Accept”.
  5. Click the “Authorized User” button.
  6. Enter your myNMSU user name and passphrase, then click OK. 
  7. Once your registration is successfully submitted, you will see a settings page.
  8. Restart your device. 
  9. If your browser still goes to after restarting, clear the cache and restart your device again.

For more detailed instructions or instructions on how to connect a variety of different kinds of devices, please refer to the NMSU KnowledgeBase




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