Mango Language Workshop to be Held

Ever wanted to learn a new language? How about languages that you might not know even exist today, like pirate and ancient Greek? Come Mango with the DACC Library for a free workshop on learning a foreign language.

Some of the language offerings include Cherokee, Biblical Hebrew, Shakespearian English, Modern Standard Arabic or any of the more than 70 languages one can choose from including English as a Second-Language or ESL.

In today’s interconnected world learning a new language has many benefits. It is a vital skill that will help you learn more about another culture, gain perspective and improve the language you speak now. According to the Eton Institute, cognitive results for people who speak more than one language include 10 benefits.

According to the Eton Institute the top 10 benefits of learning a foreign language include:

  1. Boosts brain power
  2. Improves memory
  3. Enhances the ability to multi-task
  4. Sharpens the mind
  5. Keeps the mind sharper for longer
  6. Enhances decision-making
  7. Improves the first language
  8. Improves performance in other academic areas
  9. Increases networking skills
  10. Provides better career choices.

Mango is an online language learning resource that adapts to the learner’s progress and learning behaviors to offer the information that is needed so one can learn faster. Lessons include a mix of listening and reading.

The workshop starts at 11:30 am, July 3rd  in the Academic Resources Building Library in DAAR 203G on the East Mesa campus. While learning, enjoy a free mango dango from Caliches.

Please RSVP to or for more information contact Jose Aranda at 528-7261.