Film Crew Classes Forming

Movie legend Clint Eastwood and comedy superstar George Lopez are working on films in Las Cruces at a studio that did not exist a year ago. The film business in Las Cruces is picking up and the industry is an exciting place to work. It require creativity, teamwork, ingenuity and a positive attitude to get the job done.

There is a simple way for aspiring technicians to get involved in the film industry in Las Cruces. In less than a year you could be working on films or other productions at the Film Las Cruces Studio by completing your Film Crew Training Certificate at Doña Ana Community College (DACC).

“Right now several members of the current Film Crew Training class are working in and around a film in production at the Film Las Cruces Studio,” DACC Creative Media Technology Director Matthew Byrnes said. “With our Certificate, you can get on the fast track to an exciting career in the film industry.”

In film there are specific craft areas that technicians perform. The purpose of this course is to provide exposure to and training in film production crew craft areas including, but not limited to, art department, grip, electric, sound, production office, script supervision, props, set dressing, locations, special effects, hair/makeup, wardrobe, and production assistant/set operations will be introduced and explored.

Presentations by Union certified members of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 480 will be scheduled when possible to learn from those directly involved in the film industry.

Upon completion of Film Crew Training I, students will be able to:

  • Explain the film production process;
  • Orient to film production and job descriptions;
  • Describe craft area job functions;
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic on-set protocols and professional behaviors;
  • Practice basic on-set safety procedures;
  • Develop basic skills with standard film production equipment and hardware.

After successful completion of the Certificate, graduates are eligible to participate in a mentorship program administered by the New Mexico Film Office with eventual membership into the IATSE union. Lectures and demonstrations will be given in the various craft areas of film production. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience using professional level equipment in classes taught at the Las Cruces Film Studio.

Students can add film Crew Training I, CMT 126 to their schedule. Classes begin on August 15. New students can apply on-line at For more information about film crew training contact Matt Byrnes at 527-7573. For questions about admissions contact the DACC Information Center at (575) 528-7001.