Balizan Awarded as Teacher of the Year

The New Mexico Society for Technology in Education (NMSTE) recently named Doña Ana Community College (DACC) Associate Professor and Apple Initiative Coordinator Sarah Balizan as the New Mexico Outstanding Teacher of the Year.


Balizan is a DACC Professor of Science and was previously awarded the Apple Distinguished Educator award in 2017. At the time she was the first New Mexico higher education professor to receive that honor.


Balizan has worked at DACC for the past 8 years as an instructor in human anatomy and physiology, cellular and organismal biology and medical terminology. A graduate of the biology department at New Mexico State University she earned her bachelor of science in 2007 and attained her master of science in 2009 with a focus on bioinformatics and bioindustrial biology.


Balizan was part of a group who brought iPad technology to DACC. For the past two years Balizan and other DACC educators have been working with Apple to explore the use of technology in the classroom. The Apple initiative known as XCITE began in 2017 with 28 instructors using iPads in the classroom to connect with students who grew up using that technology.


According to NMSTE, “The outstanding teacher award recognizes and honors one teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in understanding education technology implementation, who is passionate about teaching, and who has proven examples of best practice in technology integration.