DACC Video Highlights Response to Covid-19

Date: April 22, 2021
Contact: news@dacc.nmsu.edu

Doña Ana Community College (DACC) has produced a video highlighting the college’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a response that worked to balance meeting students’ academic needs while limiting the spread of COVID-19.

The video includes interviews with DACC faculty and staff involved in quick decision-making capacities, many of whom served on the DACC COVID-19 Safety Team. This team was charged with developing safety protocols for instruction and services during the pandemic. Their work supported the transition of classes and services to remote technologies, protocols for student and employee access to DACC facilities, and the development of a collaboration with the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) for COVID-19 vaccination events at the East Mesa campus.

DACC also worked to support additional student needs prompted by the pandemic. The college provided free iPads to a portion of students to assist them with online learning. Although DACC initially went 100% online with courses, the college, in time, was able to reopen in-person instruction for small groups of students. Many of those, especially in public health, were able to return for lab work such as clinicals.

In addition, the video explained DACC’s role outside of the college and how it provided assistance to the Doña Ana County region. Nearly 200 DACC employees volunteered to assist with COVID-19 vaccine efforts at the East Mesa campus. DACC continues with food pantries in collaboration with Casa de Peregrinos, and provides enrolled students with an emergency-aid program for rent assistance, medicine, transportation, child-care and even vehicle repairs. DACC also created the Thrive webpage which provides contact information for social service organizations.

DACC is proud to highlight these important statistics which occurred during the pandemic:
• Transitioned 6,663 face-to-face students to fully online
• Transitioned 403 instructors who taught face-to-fact to online
• Held seven vaccination events by April 2021
• Had 188 volunteers assist with vaccination events
• Administered 2,942 COVID-19 vaccinations to the community

DACC would like to acknowledge the contribution of critical partners—NMSU’s Pandemic Action Team and the New Mexico Department of Health—in its efforts to respond to COVID-19. The five-minute video in its entirety can be viewed at the DACC YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/DonaAnaCC/ or click directly on this link.

For more information, please contact news at news@dacc.nmsu.edu.
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