A phlebotomist is a healthcare professional that specializes in extracting blood from patients for analysis. Phlebotomists work with other laboratory clinicians to assist physicians to diagnose disease or disorders. Students are required to complete 30 clinical hours and 50 sticks separate from class time. Upon successfully completing the course, the student is eligible to take the National Healthcareer Association examination to become certified as a Phlebotomy Technician. To register for this course make sure you have completed the pre-requisites and complete the Clinical Packet and upload to castlebranch then notify to review your documents once your documents have been approved instructions on how to register will be sent to you.

NA 109. Phlebotomist Basic

4 Credits (2+4P)

This course provides the latest information, techniques, skills, and equipment for blood and specimen collection based on the standards of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, Needlestick Prevention Act, Joint Commission 2008 National Patient Safety Goals, OSHA and CDC. An advanced skills lab is included in the course to provide a "hands-on" practice experience and a 30 hour practicum in a supervised work environment collecting blood and specimens on actual patients for laboratory tests. Attendance is mandatory. Prepares students for employment as a phlebotomist in health care settings. Requires a "C" or better to pass. Upon successful completion of the course, student has the opportunity to test for National Healthcareer Certification. Consent of Instructor required.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): BIOL 154 or BIOL 226. Restricted to Community Colleges campuses only.