Patient Care Technician

A patient care technician (PCT) works under the supervision of a registered nurse, using nursing assistant, phlebotomy, and electrocardiography skills to provide patient care in a hospital setting. These courses will prepare students who have already have completed a Nursing Assistant course in long-term care to work in the acute-care setting, through an expansion of their existing basic skills set. Students will acquire expanded acute-care skills, critical thinking skills, and knowledge in caring for patients of all ages. Because practicum requires students to demonstrate skills with actual patients in a hospital setting, a completed clinical clearance packet is required to register for these courses. Course attendance is mandatory. Upon successful completion of the two courses, the student is eligible to sit for the NHA national exam to become certified as a Patient Care Technician. Course/program admission is contingent upon results of caregiver criminal history screening, drug screen, and ability to meet clinical requirements.

Program Course Requirements for College Certificate  (28-42 credits):

  • AHS 120 Medical Terminology     3
  • ENGL 111G Rhetoric & Composition     4
  • MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra or AHS 116 Math for Health Occupations     4
  • BIOL 154 Introductory Anatomy and Physiology (4 cr.) or  BIOL 225 A & P I (4 cr) + BIOL 226 A & P II (4 cr)     4-8
  • NA 104 Nursing Assistant Fundamentals     3
  • NA 104L Nursing Assistant Fundamentals Lab     1
  • NA 105 Nursing Assistant Clinicals     4
  • NA 109 Phlebotomist Basic     4
  • NA 110 Electrocardiogram Technician Basic     4
  • NA 205 Patient Care Technicians Practicum     4


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