Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants provide basic nursing functions involving patient care, working under the supervision of a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or physician. In general, Nursing Assistants attend to matters related to personal hygiene, safety, nutrition, exercise, and elimination. Maintaining patient comfort is a priority. Once completed students may sit for the New Mexico Nurse Aide Exam to become a state certified nursing assistant (CNA).  To register for this class please complete the Clinical Packet and notify to review your documents on castlebranch.  Once approved directions on how to registered will be sent to you.

Program Course Requirements (16 Credits):

AHS 120  Medical Terminology  •  3 credits

BIOL 154  Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology  •  4 credits

OEEM 101  BLS for Health Care Providers  •  1 credit

NA 104  Nursing Assistant Fundamentals  •  3 credits

NA 104L  Nursing Assistant Skills Lab  •  1 credit

NA 105  Nursing Assistant Clinicals  •  4 credits

Nursing Assistant Certificate Plan (click here)