Clinical Clearance Documentation Requirements

Prior to registering for any course that has a clinical component students will need to provide current proof of immunizations, BLS for health care providers, TB test, drug screen and caregiver criminal history clearance letter. This documentation is required by the hospitals, nursing homes, and medical sites where students go to practice skills.  This helps to ensure that students are free of disease and do not have a history of theft or abusive behavior.

Please note clinical documentation cannot expire during the semester!  If any part of your clinical documentation expires during the semester dates you will be asked to obtain new documentation prior to registering for a clinical course.

Please provide current documentation for the following:

  1. Measles Mumps Rubella two shots or a MMR titer (blood level)
  2. Varicella two shots or a Varicella titer (blood level)
  3. Tdap (within the last nine years) a Td only will not be accepted pertussis is also required.
  4. Hepatitis B three shots or Hepatitis B titer (blood level)
  5. Flu shot (required annually)
  6. Tuberculosis test (required annually)
  7. 7 Panel Drug Screen (required annually)
  8. American Heart Association BLS for Health Care Providers Certification (good only for two years)
  9. Caregiver Criminal History Screening (required annually)
  10. Proof of Health Insurance Coverage (required for all students and all courses)

Please submit these documents to Castle Branch a medical document manager service at  There is a fee to maintain these files for a year of $20.00 or $35.00 for unlimited. Please upload your files prior to coming to register for courses.