Quick Facts


Doña Ana Community College was established in 1973 at the request of the Gadsden, Hatch, and Las Cruces school boards to provide vocational and technical education opportunities to the citizens of Doña Ana County. DACC is independently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The community college offers instruction leading to associate degrees and technical certificates and preparation for further academic work. Community education and adult education also are offered.

The DACC Service Area
Doña Ana County Population (2017 estimate) 215,579
Las Cruces Population (2016 estimate) 101,759
Growth in Service Area Population from 2010 to 2017 3%

Costs and Benefits

Admission and Registration

Admission to programs requires a high-school transcript or high school equivalency test scores. Prospective students must complete an application form and pay a one-time $20 application fee.

Tuition and Fees For Students – 2018-2019 Quick Facts
$ Per Credit Hour $ Per Semester Full-Time
County Residents 78 888
Out-of-District Residents 90 1080
Out-of-State Residents 236 2,832
Online Courses, Additional Fee 25


2016-2017 Academic Year Financial Aid Sources


Fall 2017 Credit Enrollments
Headcount in Credit Programs 7,951
Full-Time Equivalents 4,826.5

2016-2017 Annualized Noncredit Enrollment

Adult Basic Education Classes (unduplicated) 1,636
Community Education Classes (unduplicated) 478
Customized Training (duplicated: total registrations) 743
Small Business Development Center (duplicated: total registrations) 411
Total Noncredit Students 3,268

Fall 2017 Student Profile

Average age: 23.5 years 42% Male 58% Female 0% No response
Ethnicity Hispanic 76% American/Alaskan Native 1% Race/Ethnicity Unknown 2%
White 17% Asian 1% Two or more races 1%
Black or African American 2% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 0%

Faculty and Staff- Fall 2017

Full-Time Faculty 128
Part-Time Faculty – Includes part-time over-load. 350
Full-Time Staff 225
Part-Time Staff 72
Average Class Size 18.7
Total Employees, unduplicated count 775