Jim Putman Second Chance Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2008 by Dr. Don and Mrs. Fran Cotter for students who have had an interruption/break in post-secondary education.


Jim knew about the consequence of choices each of us makes during our lives, especially during our early years. He was keenly aware of how helpful and necessary a second chance in life is for many of us. Much of his wisdom and empathy came from his own education in the college of life and learning. Jim was an outstanding student in that college. As a graduate and alumnus, he gave back liberally and with compassion.

Jim was a friend of the little people. He would lend money to those in need, but only if those in need ranked high enough on the “Putman credit score scale.” He was routinely sought out for his sage advice. He dispensed his help with concern and an expectation that the recipient would make the right choices.

It is said a person dies three times. First, when the vital signs cease, second when the soul passes to God, and finally, when those remaining who remembered and revered his/her works on earth have passed on. Many of those who remain and remember want to help ensure that Jim’s heart and soul will endure. Thus, we have created a memorial scholarship to support Jim’s “little people” reaching upward.


The Jim Putman Second Chance Endowed Scholarship was established in honor and memory of our beloved friend. The purpose of the scholarship is to support successful students studying at Doña Ana Community College in their efforts to change course in their lives; in short, helping those individuals who seek a second chance. Much like the Organ Mountains endure, we, his friends, are hopeful that Jim’s life be extended via a fourth dimension – through the minds and hearts of the recipients of his Second Chance Scholarship.

As a recipient of Jim’s scholarship, it is his (and our) wish that you use your talents wisely for a second chance in the spirit of Jim Putman’s legacy!


Jimmy Putman was born September 29, 1947, in Loving, New Mexico, to parents who were traveling east from California. His younger years were spent in Hot Springs, Arkansas with family. He lived in Las Cruces for more than half his adult life and departed from this earth May 17, 2008.

We, his friends, are all richer for having known Jim; richer as recipients of his wisdom, compassion, leadership, patience, humor, vision, advice and, perhaps most of all, richer for his strong sense of fairness and justice.