Program Student Learning Outcomes

The Doña Ana Community College Fire Science Technology Program awards an Associate of Applied Science Degree through a FESHE compliant curriculum designed to provide education and skills essential for those who are seasoned professionals seeking career advancement and for those who are new to Fire Science professions and would like to pursue a career in these fields.

Upon completion of the Fire Science Associate of Applied Science degree, students should be able to:

1. Develop an awareness of the entrance requirements for careers in the fire service.


a. Identify entrance requirements for fire service organizations.

b. Develop the skills necessary to perform in a mock fire department entrance interview.

2. Describe the structure and operational management of fire service organizations.


a. Describe the fire department’s organizational structure.

b. Within the organizational chain of command, apply appropriate supervisory techniques.

3. Develop the skills necessary to investigate and prevent fires and understand the role of building construction and fire behavior principles as they apply to firefighting.


a. Using a variety of assessment tools, demonstrate the ability to investigate and determine the cause of the fire.

b. Using a variety of assessment techniques, determine building safety by applying appropriate codes and regulations.

c. Identify the different types of building construction and use them to evaluate their impact on firefighting operations.

4. Acquire the skills and knowledge required to perform the functions of a firefighter.


a. Attain certifications to demonstrate firefighting competence with a target success rate of 80%.

5. Apply the appropriate critical thinking skills necessary to develop an incident action plan using appropriate strategies and tactics to safely manage incidents.


a. In a simulated incident, demonstrate competency in developing and implementing an incident action plan using the Incident Command System and appropriate safety principles.