Funding Request

As per the Faculty Council’s bylaws, the Treasurer shall present funding requests to the Faculty Council for review and keep track of all monetary events of the Council. To ensure that this process is clear, please review the following funding request procedure.

Who may request funds (petitioner):

  • Faculty Council’s standing committees.
  • Any faculty that is currently under contract both full and part time.
  • Faculty who have exhausted all other funding options.
  • Faculty may only apply for funding in alternating years;

Funding requests will be handled in the following manner:

Petitioner completes the Faculty Council’s Funding Request Form

  • Must identify if funds have been requested from other sources.
    • Faculty Council is not the first place to search for funds for non-committee requests.
  • Request must be received by the Treasurer two weeks prior to the next Faculty Council’s meeting.
  • Funding request will be added to the Faculty Council’s agenda per the discretion of the Faculty Council’s President.
  • Petitioner will be notified of the time and place of the appropriate Faculty Council’s meeting.
  • Petitioner or proxy will be given time to present to the Faculty Council their request.
  • Faculty Council will vote to approve or deny the funding request.
  • If approved:
    • Treasurer will complete the funding request form and submit it to the DACC Business Office.
    • Petitioner will place a note on all travel requests or purchase orders indicating that funds will come from Faculty Council. The funding index number will be added by the DACC Business Office.
    • Travel request or purchase orders are then sent to the DACC Business Office for review.
    • If requested funds match the purpose of the approved funds, the DACC Business Office will release the funds.
    • If requested funds do not match the purpose of the approved funds, the DACC Business Office will inform the petitioner and Treasurer of the discrepancies.
      • Funds will not be released.
    • Travel receipts will be submitted within 30 days of completion of travel and/or before June 1;
    • If any funds are left over after the final reconciliation of funds on June 1, the Executive Committee of Faculty council will meet to dispense the funds in accordance with the Faculty Council Funding Value Statement.
  • If not approved:
    • Petitioner can resubmit request to Faculty Council for reconsideration.