Employer Information

You will be required to create an employer account in AggieCAREER Manager in order to post a work-study position.  Please follow these instructions:


  1. Visit the Employer sign-up page: https://app.joinhandshake.com/register
  2. Follow along with the prompts (please use your @nmsu.edu address)
  3. Choose “Employer”
  4. Fill out profile (please use your @nmsu.edu email address)
  5. Agree to Employer Guidelines and Confirm Email
  6. After the email is confirmed:
    1. Continue setting up profile.
    2. When the you get to the Find Company to Join section, you should pick our company (NMSU – Doña Ana Community College) from the list and select Request.
    3. Shortly thereafter the Point of Contact will receive a notification that persons in their administrative unit has applied to join the unit.
  7. After approved by the Point of Contact, you will be able to post work-study positions.


If person posting on-campus student employment is also taking classes and is listed as a student, then the Single-Sign-on feature will not work for persons seeking two roles (student and staff member).  Instead create an employer account using your NMSU email – How to Create an Employer Account Linked to Your Student Account – https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011549548.


Note: When interviewing for a Work-study position, please make sure that the student has been awarded Work-study funds; otherwise the student cannot be hired under a Work-study position.