Return of Title IV Funds

Withdrawing or Leaving School before the End of the Semester

Official Withdrawal

Students who wish to leave school before the end of the term should officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office. Financial aid will be cancelled for future terms if students withdraw from New Mexico State University at any time during a semester. Repayment of federal aid received for the current term may be required in accordance with federal rules and regulations. Students must appeal to have financial aid reinstated for the next term if they do not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy requirements, even if financial aid was not received for that term. Reinstatement of some types of aid may be based on availability of funding.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Students who receive all failing or non-passing grades for a semester are assumed to have ceased attendance and are considered an “unofficial withdrawal.” Students may be billed for some or all aid received. Students receiving all non-passing grades for a semester should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Services immediately for assistance. Federal regulations require schools to calculate a return of financial aid based on attendance. If a student withdraws from the semester either officially (all W’s), or unofficially (all non-passing letter grades), New Mexico State University will use a calculation to determine what types and amounts of financial aid will be returned to the appropriate program. The calculation takes into consideration the last date of attendance, tuition and fees, institutional housing, meal charges and the type of aid received by the student.

Retaining eligibility for Financial Aid

All students must continue to meet the requirements for eligibility that were necessary for them to receive an offer of assistance. This includes being admitted and completing courses in a degree program. Students cannot be in default on previously received financial aid. All other criteria as defined by the rules and regulations of New Mexico State University and the federal government must be met.