Scholarships Fund Your Future

The Doña Ana Community College Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship Services offers a wide array of scholarships to assist a diverse student population pursuing a higher education. As an open-door institution, our office is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students regardless of personal, economic, or social conditions. As most of the scholarships require you to demonstrate financial need you are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All Doña Ana Community College Scholarships will be awarded based on completion of the Scholar Dollar$ Application.

The 2019-2020 Scholar Dollar$ is currently open! and remain open year-round. Priority deadline for the Scholar Dollar$ is March 1st; those who submit their application before March 1st will be given priority scholarship consideration.

Many of our scholarships require students to:

  • Be NM residents
  • Have graduated from a NM high school or received a NM GED
  • Be admitted to DACC in a degree-seeking program
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress or varying GPA requirements
  • Eligibility and renewal criteria vary

Scholar Dollar$ Application DACC Scholarship List

Consideration or nomination for a scholarship requires a Scholar Dollar$ application be submitted each year.

Scholar Dollar Workshops






State Scholarships

The State of New Mexico encourages residents to continue their education in New Mexico post secondary institutions by providing state-funded scholarship opportunities.


The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is automatically awarded to qualified students beginning the second semester of the student’s first year at a post-secondary institution. No application is required; however, the Doña Ana Community College Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships strongly recommends that students complete the FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The scholarship amount for all students is the same. The amount of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is set annually by June 1st by the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) and will only be applied to tuition. Students are responsible for any additional unpaid tuition and fees, unless other scholarships or grants cover these.

Qualifying for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship:

  • Be a New Mexico resident.
  • Student must have a completed high school at a public or accredited private New Mexico high school, graduated from a public or accredited private New Mexico high school or received a high school equivalency credential while maintaining residency in New Mexico.
  • Student must enroll at a public post secondary educational institution in New Mexico within sixteen months of graduation or receipt of a high equivalency credential.
  • Student must enroll in and earn 15 credit hours per semester at a four-year New Mexico public university.
  • student must enroll in a and earn 12 credit hours per semester at a two-year New Mexico public community college.
  • Student must maintain a 2.5 or greater cumulative grade point average (GPA) each semester of enrollment.
  • Students with disabilities may qualify for reduced credit hour requirements and additional semesters of the scholarship.

Maintaining Eligibility:

  • Complete 12 new graded credit hours (15 at a 4-year institution) each semester.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater after the first qualifying semester.

New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship LEGACY STUDENTS

  • If a student has received at least three (3) semesters of the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship by Spring 2014, the student is considered a LEGACY student.
  • LEGACY students are required to complete successfully 12 “new” credit hours each semester and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • LEGACY students are eligible to receive the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship for eight semesters

*This scholarship is valid for seven semesters (three semesters at a 2-year institution and transferable to a 4-year university), or until a bachelor degree is earned, whichever comes first. The rules and regulations for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship for all students, LEGACY or otherwise, are determined by and subject to change by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and the New Mexico Legislature.

Provided below is information regarding External Scholarship Opportunities. Reminder: deadlines, requirements and award amounts will vary


Scholarship Name Award Deadline
Bonsai Finance Entrepreneur Scholarship $2,500 June 30, 2019
Chairish Scholarship Program $2,500 January 1st & June 30th annually
Choose Best Mattress $1,500 June 29; October 30, 2018
Danish Sisterhood of America Varies March 1 -Annually
Daughters of the American Revolution Varies Varies
Ecommerce Marketing & Technology Science $2,000 TBA
Exponents Scholarship Program $500 December 1, 2019
Facts Chronicle Digital Marketing Scholarship $1,000 July 30 – Annually
Game Authority Scholarship $1000 April 15, 2020
Gates Millennium Scholars Varies Annually
GIVA Outstanding Nursing Student Scholarship $1,000 September 1 & March 1 – Annually
Healthcare Administration Scholarships varies Varies
HSF General College Scholarship $500-$5,000 Varies
Mason Finance Life Settlement Awareness Scholarship $1,000 September 15, 2019
Merchant Cards Scholarship $1,000 December 1, 2019
Money Key $2,500 June 30; September 30, 2018 Nursing School Scholarship $1,000 August 31 – Annually
Oppu Achievers Scholarship $2,500 Varies
PTK Scholarship Varies Varies
Rising Stars: Interior Design & Architecture $2,500 January 1; June 30, 2018
Sleep Judge State of Sleep Scholarship $1,500 October 30 & November 15 – Annually
Sleep Scholarships Vary vary
The ABC Fundraising Volunteer Recognition College Scholarship $2, 500 June 30, 2019
The FamilyAssets 2019 Scholarship $3,000 August 1, 2019 (Annually)
The Find Answering Service Connectivity Scholarship $1,000 June 7, 2019
Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship $1000 August 1, 2019
Volt Lighting STEM Scholarship $500 July 31, 2018 and December 31, 2018
WebstaurantStore Scholarship $1,500 June 15 – Annually
Wikijob Student Scholarship $1,000 August 31, 2019
Wiley CP Aexcel Accounting Student $500 & Wiley CP Aexcel Platinum Course TBA
Your Marketing People Scholarship Program $1,000 January 30, 2019
Youth Forward -Scholarship $3,000 August 1, and December 1, 2019

Scholarship Essays

Need help writing a scholarship essay? Many scholarship applications may require an essay submission. Prior to submitting an application be sure to check the scholarship requirements.

External Scholarships:

  • American Trucks:
    • AmericanTrucks: 4 x $2000 scholarships to students pursuing a career in the traditional building trades such as HVAC, carpentry, electrical, or related fields of study. Two scholarships will be awarded every spring semester, followed by two additional scholarships to be awarded for the fall semester each year
  • American Muscle:
    • AmericanMuscle: 4 x $2000 scholarships for students pursuing an automotive themed major(mechanical engineering, robotics etc.) Two scholarships will be awarded every spring semester, followed by two additional scholarships to be awarded for the fall semester each year
  • Extreme Terrain:
    • ExtremeTerrain: 2 x $3000 scholarships for students pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth and Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems. One scholarship will be awarded for the fall semester and another for the spring semester each year.

Beware of Scholarship Scams

Click here for more information on scams and how to avoid them.

Scam Warning Signs:

  • You have to pay a fee
  • Money-back offers or guarantees
  • Provides “exclusive” information

Reporting Scams:

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