Requirements for Financial Aid


Admission Requirements

Non-degree students are not eligible for grants, work study, and/or loans.

Provisional students are not eligible for grants, but are eligible for Stafford Loans for up to one academic year. Provisional admission status must change to Regular status for aid eligibility beyond the first year.

Regular admission status indicates eligibility for all financial aid programs assuming other eligibility criteria are met.*

* Transfer students, returning students, and students seeking a second degree must possess an academic history which meets GPA and Credit Progression Requirements. For these students, admission to Doña Ana Community College under Regular status does not guarantee financial aid eligibility. Students with a bachelor or master degree are not eligible for grants, but may be eligible for work study and/or loans.

To apply for admission to Doña Ana Community College, click here.

Enrollment Requirements

Your financial aid disbursement (funds paid to the school or you) is affected by the following: Hours Enrolled and Summer Sessions

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress

Hours Enrolled

Your financial aid award letter assumes full-time enrollment. If you do not enroll full-time, most grant awards are adjusted accordingly. For example:

  • Full-time status (12 or more graded credits) equals the full grant offer.
  • Three-quarter status (9-11 graded credits) equals 3/4 or 75% of the grant offer.
  • Half-time status (6-8 graded credits) equals ½ or 50% of the grant offer.
  • Less than half-time status (5 or fewer graded credits) equals a prorated amount of the grant offer and disbursement is delayed approximately 30 days.

Work study and loan awards require at least half-time(6 credit hours) enrollment. These award amounts are not reduced based on hours enrolled.

  • If a class is repeatable for a maximum number of hours because the content changes even though the course code does not (i.e. Coll 155), financial aid pays up to the allowed credit limit. Notify our office if your disbursement does not accurately reflect enrollment in these classes.

Summer Sessions

Grants, loans, and/or work study are sometimes available in the summer depending on prior year’s enrollment and aid received. Visit our office for details.