Accepting Financial Aid

For information on accepting your awards, accepting terms and conditions, or otherwise navigating your MyNMSU Financial Aid tab, please see this guide.

 Award Letter Instructions

If you were awarded federal financial aid, and/or work-study funds (and need an award letter), please follow the steps below.

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Appeal Process

Doña Ana Community College Financial Aid Appeal Process

Students who were unable to meet the minimum requirements for NMSU’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), or meet renewal requirements for a scholarship, are eligible to submit an appeal if they have a documented extenuating circumstance that prevented them from meeting the requirements.

All appeals are reviewed by Financial Aid Appeals Committee/View  NMSU’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information on appeals.

Appeal Priority Dates:

Appeals do not have a final deadline, but to ensure a decision in a timely fashion, students are encouraged to submit their appeals as soon as possible. If students plan to make decisions regarding their enrollment based on the results of the appeal, students should keep in mind the last day to drop a course with a 100% refund (Third Friday of each semester).

Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Summer 2022
September 3 January 28 June 8


Examples of Supporting Documentation (does not guarantee approval)

Circumstance Documentation
Work-Related Required Overtime, required schedule change -Letter from employer including effective date(s) and whether the increase in hours was mandatory
Reduced hours resulting in increased childcare need, layoff, job loss -Letter from employer-Separation letter
Medical Condition Serious illness or change in health status -Letter stating doctor advised a period of rest-Record of doctor visit(s)
Surgery/Hospitalization -Letter stating doctor advised a period of recovery-Record of doctor visit(s)/Hospitalization record-Copies of medical bills documenting illness/injury
Mental Health Issue -Letter from doctor, therapist, or counselor
Additional Circumstances Death of a Loved one -Obituary/Funeral Program-Documents to include date & relationship to the deceased
Eviction -Eviction Notice-Letter from the transitional housing program
Assault/Domestic Violence -Police Report/Court Documentation


The following are not generally considered extenuating circumstances:

  • Withdrawing from a class to maintain a higher grade point average
  • Withdrawing from or failing classes because of the student’s work requirements
  • Being previously ineligible for Financial Aid and returning to school after an absence, regardless of the length of the absence
  • Adjusted Credit Option-ACO
  • Multiple unsatisfactory semesters because of an ongoing illness or other situation
  • Conflict with a professor
  • Classes not being what was expected
  • Not being prepared for college

The student will be notified of the committee’s decision in writing via email.  Students should make payment arrangements while awaiting a committee decision, as appeals are not guaranteed to be approved.

Students are encouraged to access the Financial Aid Appeal Form from the  Forms Library.  Appeals may be submitted by email, fax, or taken directly to any campus of Doña Ana Community College. If your appeal is incomplete or additional information is needed, your advisor may contact you.

Approved with Stipulations

If a student’s appeal is approved, they will be required to adhere to stipulations in order to maintain their eligibility. These stipulations will be laid out in the decision letter sent to students and may vary depending on the particular situation of the student. While on stipulations, the student is eligible for Financial Aid.
Students whose appeals have been approved but who cannot meet Satisfactory Academic Progress within one semester will need to complete an Academic Plan Agreement in consultation with their Financial Aid Advisor.

Throughout the probationary semester or semesters, the student may re-establish eligibility to be considered for Federal Aid for a subsequent semester by either:

  • Taking action that brings him or her into compliance with the qualitative and quantitative components of New Mexico State University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress standards; OR:
  • Meeting the specific academic plan and standards for the semester as established.

If the student again fails to meet the stipulations of their approval or academic plan agreement, the student will lose their financial aid eligibility.

Maximum Time Frame/Second Degree Appeal Process

Students who have completed a pace of progression and have earned an associate’s/bachelor’s degree or have exceeded the maximum time frame for their declared program of study must submit a degree plan appeal to the Financial Aid Office at the appropriate campus.

Maximum time frame appeals may not be approved for students who are not meeting the cumulative 2.0-grade point average as an undergraduate student and a 70% overall completion rate.  (See chart below for unsatisfactory time frame for some degree programs).

Developmental credits (up to 30 credits) may be deducted from the total number of credits attempted when calculating the time frame. Developmental credits do not count as credit toward a degree but may be required and taken within an eligible program.

An academic plan will be used for maximum time frame appeals that are approved for extenuating circumstances.  Examples of time frame maximums for most programs are listed below:

Degree Attempted Credits
Certificate 45   Attempted Credit Hours
Associate Degree 90   Attempted Credit Hours
Bachelor’s Degree 180 Attempted Credit Hours
Master’s Degree 48   Graduate Attempted Credit Hours

Satisfactory Academic Progress ▸

Federal regulations require all students receiving financial aid to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will review all financial aid recipients three times a year (end of Fall term, end of Spring term, and end of Summer term). The review will measure both qualitative (GPA) and quantitative (completion rate) standards.

Consumer Information ▸

A paper copy of any and all of the information provided on this page is available upon request by contacting the specific campus department directly or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at your campus:

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