Disbursement of Funds

disbursement of funds

First-Time Student Loan Borrowers:

The first week of school, if you:

  • are enrolled at least half-time in eligible courses (review the Doña Ana Community College Schedule of Classes for details of eligible and ineligible courses)
  • are academically eligible and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • are without a previous University Accounts Receivable balance
  • have been awarded aid before the first day of courses

Disbursement of funds occurs as follows:

  • Grants, Perkins loans, Federal Direct Stafford loans, and most university scholarships automatically credit your account in the Business Office. Funds are applied to charges owed. Refunds are disbursed according to the alpha listing in the semester Schedule of Classes booklet (the booklet is used to select your courses each semester). You must complete Entrance Counseling before Federal Direct Stafford loans are processed as well as before Perkins Loans are disbursed.
  • Work study awards are not applied directly to charges owed. Apply for jobs listed through the Career Services web site. Once hired, you receive semi-monthly payments for your work.

*You have 30 days from the beginning of the semester to find a work study job otherwise funds are taken away. If you encounter difficulty finding a position, make an appointment to visit your financial aid advisor for guidance.