Welcome to the ENLACE Southern New Mexico Collaborative!

ENLACE is derived from the Spanish word Enlazar, which means to link or weave together – to connect in such a way that the new entity is stronger than its parts.

In Southern New Mexico, ENLACE is a catalyst for bringing together various stakeholders, working collaboratively, to create and support a seamless educational system that is more responsive, accountable, accessible, and supportive of Latino/a students’ educational success. All ENLACE programs and projects are focused on raising literacy levels, and increasing academic planning and achievement. These activities taken together contribute to increasing high school and university graduation rates for Latino students. In this site you will meet partners working together in a variety of ways to contribute to the educational success of Latino students.

In addition you will find information on what is happening with Latino students and ideas for how to help your own children to succeed academically.

ENLACE is a national movement for educational equity for all students in this country. Equity cannot be accomplished with the work and commitment of a few organizations and individuals. Make a commitment to this issue by joining one of the thirteen ENLACE collaboratives across this country; our joined voices will make a difference and obtain good results.