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The job market for qualified engineering professionals has entered a new age. Regardless of industry trends and forecasts, one thing remains certain – engineers are an essential component to developing new ideas, and furthering the many fields of engineering. From mechanical engineering to environmental engineering, to civil engineering, there is opportunity for graduates to put their professional practice where passion lies. If a student has thought about the field of engineering or any of its many subfields as a career, an associate degree can be a good starting point to pursue higher education. Within an associate's degree program, students become familiar with the many subfields of engineering, allowing them to identify where their specific professional interests lie when they progress to a four-year institution. The small classes in at DACC result in a student/instructor ratio that allows personal interaction, which strengthens the educational process. This is particularly a great benefit in higher levels of math and science courses. Community colleges have a higher retention rate and success rate. In addition, the cost of attending a community college for the first two years greatly reduces the cost of an engineering degree.

The General Engineering degree is designed to provide students a set of courses that will articulate into the four-year engineering programs at the New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico,  and New Mexico Tech as well as the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology at New Mexico State University. This program will make available to a far wider range of students the ability to pursue their dreams of becoming engineers. Within the program, they will learn the business aspects of engineering, a foundation of what it takes to be successful in the field and the trends in a growing, energy-conscience market.

Once students have completed the associate’s degree, they are well on their way to a bachelor's degree program in their selected field. The individual students must work closely with an Advisor to select the best options for successful transition to the four-year institution of their choice.

Associate of Science Degree: 66-67 credits (Pending Approval)
Community College Requirement (select at least 2 credits)
COLL 101 – College/Life Success -1-3
And any additional course to meet or exceed 2 credit requirement if needed - 1
Communications (10 credits)
ENGL 111G – Rhetoric and Composition - 4
ENGL 218G – Technical and Scientific Communication - 3
COMM 265G – Principals of Human Communication
OR COMM 253G – Public Speaking - 3
Mathematics (8 credits)
MATH 191G – Calculus and Analytic Geometry I - 4
MATH 192G – Calculus and Analytic Geometry II - 4
Natural Sciences (8 credits)
CHEM 111G – General Chemistry I, w/ lab - 4
PHYS 215G – Engineering Physics I - 3
PHYS 215GL – Engineering Physics I Laboratory - 1
Additional Natural Sciences (select at least 8 credits)
CHEM 112G – General Chemistry II, w/ lab (4 cr.) - 4
PHYS 216G & PHYS 216GL – Engineering Physics II & Lab (4 cr.) - 4
GEOL 111G – Survey of Geology, w/ lab (4 cr.) - 4
Other Approved Lab-Science (4 cr.)
Economics (3 credits)
ECON 251G – Principles of Macroeconomics - 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences NM Common Core (6 credits):
Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology - 6
Humanities and Fine Arts NM Common Core (6 credits):
History, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Music, Theater, Second Language - 6
Engineering (15 credits)
Group I (Select at least 9 credits)
ENGR 100 – Introduction to Engineering - 3
CE or ET or DRFT 109 – Computer Drafting Fundamentals - 3
OR DRFT 114 Intro to Mechanical Drafting/Solid Modeling
ENGR 111 – Matlab Programming - 3
Group II (Select at least 3 credits)
C E 233 – Mechanics-Statics (3 cr.) - 3
E E 280 – AC and DC Circuits (4 cr.) - 4
MATH 291G – Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (3 cr.) - 3
C E 151 Introduction to Civil Engineering
E E 161 – Computer Aided Problem Solving – moved here - 4

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