Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are CPR courses offered?
    Early in the fall and spring semesters. We also have one CPR course in the first summer session.
  2. When are the EMT–Basic courses offered?
    The EMT–Basic class is offered each spring and fall semester.
  3. Are there any prerequisites to take the EMT–Basic course?
    In order to be successful in EMT–Basic course, students will need to be at a reading level that would make them eligible for ENG 111G. There is an additional prerequisite/corequisite requirement of BIOL 154 or OEEM 153.
  4. Do I need to hold a NM EMT Basic license in order to take the EMT Intermediate course or Paramedic Program?
    In order for a student to be allowed into the clinical site for any advance level course they must hold a NM EMT-Basic license. Students must have in hand by the first day of class a NM EMT-Basic license.
  5. What requirements must I have completed by the first day of classes?
    Students attending the EMT Basic and EMT Intermediate courses will need to provide documentation of updated immunizations, background check, drug screening, and having completed the MMC community wide orientation. Students are also required to be in uniform on the first day of class. For full details of program requirements, students should contact an adviser in the EMS Department.
  6. Are there any prerequisites for the Paramedic Program?
    Students are required be licensed as a New Mexico EMT Basic, and they must have completed with a C or better Pathophysiology, Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care, and Pharmacology.
  7. When are applications for the Paramedic Program available?
    Applications for the upcoming 2018-2019 Paramedic Program are available starting January 15, 2018, with the submission deadline being May 11, 2018.