Electronics Technology
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Associate Degree

• General Electronics Technology Option
• Biomedical Electronics Option

Certificates of Completion

• General Electronics Technology
• Biomedical Electronics

The explosion in the number and diversity of electronic devices used in home and industrial settings has greatly intensified the demand for qualified technicians. As orders for high-tech communications equipment and electronic products continue to rise, job opportunities for electronics technicians will expand even more. Salaries in the various branches of electronics are among the highest for all technology areas.

The DACC Electronics Technology program may be completed on a part-time basis by taking classes during the evening or during the day. Those who wish to pursue a bachelor of science degree in Engineering Technology at New Mexico State University may apply up to 36 credit hours from the Electronics Technology program toward the B.S. degree.

Two options are offered:

General Electronics Option

The General Electronics option prepares graduates for entry-level employment as technical assistants and technicians in the fabrication, testing, maintenance, and repair of electrical and electronic equipment. Job opportunities exist in the areas of manufacturing and repair of electronic instruments, audio and video electronics, computers, medical equipment, and industrial and consumer electronic equipment. While positions for electronics technicians are found in all sectors of the economy, many of the jobs in southern New Mexico are in government and defense-related industries. Opportunities for advancement in the electronics field are above average.

Biomedical Electronics Option

The Biomedical Electronics option is a specialized program focusing on medical equipment. Career opportunities exist in hospital and clinical settings, engineering departments, and medical equipment manufacturing companies, as well as other organizations serving the rapidly expanding medical equipment service market. This course of study will also help prepare the electronics student for the Biomedical Equipment Technician Certification Exam of the International Certification Commission for Clinical Engineering and Biomedical Technology.

Remember to consult the DACC Catalog, available online, for more complete information before choosing a program. Certain restrictions, qualifications, and/or fees may apply.

For further information, call the program office at
(575) 528-7407.